LG is once again looking for Australia’s fastest texter to represent the country at its Mobile World Cup.According to LG, the LG National Texting Championships will hold heats around Australia to give all texters a chance to prove themselves. State winners of these heats will be given the opportunity to compete in the national finals, which will be held in Sydney in September 2010.

The winner will receiver $10,000 prize money as well as an overseas trip to represent Australia at the LG Mobile World Cup, for a chance to compete for a share in more than USD$100,000 prize money.

Last year’s winner, Jian Li, went on to place third in the worldwide championships in 2009.

LG Australia’s General Manager, Mobile Communications, Nathan Dunn said, “Texting has become a hugely popular form of communication so LG has created the world’s premiere texting championship to recognise its relevance. We were thrilled with the competitiveness of last year’s contest and hope this year’s competitors have prepared to take their game to the next level.”

Events will be held in Westfield shopping centres around Australia from tomorrow. 

Westfield Hurstville: April 8, 9
Westfield Miranda: April 10, 11
Westfield Eastgardens: April 12, 13
Westfield Parramatta: Jul 24, 25
Westfield Southland: May 1, 2
Westfield Fountaingate: May 15, 16
Westfield Doncaster: May 22, 23
Westfield Southland: Jul 31, Aug 1
Westfield Tea Tree: Jun 12, 13
Westfield Marion: Jun 19, 20
Westfield Carindale: Jun 30, Jul 1, 2
Westfield Garden City: Jul 5, 6
Westfield Chermside: Aug 7, 8
Westfield Whitford City: Jul 14, 15
Westfield Carousel: Jun 16, 17

Finals: Westfield Parramatta (NSW): September 28

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