BREAKING STORY: Apple is set to launch an iPod Video. The device which is set to be announced on October 12 will, according to Apple insiders, incorporate a Toshiba 60Gb hard drive and Samsung memory.

The device reportedly sports a smaller click-wheel similar to that of the iPod nano’s, making way for a larger, higher-resolution color display that extends further down the face of the device. The first images show that the device is a thicker, larger version of the iPod Nano.

According to website Apple Insider, Apple has begun production of the new iPod Video which could be in stores by as early as the 18th of October 2005. The launch will be a bitter blow to Creative Technology who are reeling from trying to compete with Apple in the MP3 music player space. During the last two quarters Creative have reported losses in excess of $100 million dollars. Also set to come under pressure when Apple launches the iPod Video  is the European Archos video system.

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What the Apple iPod Video will look like based on Photoshop rendering of actual photograph. Its thicker and wider than the traditional iPod.

Protected from the onslaught will be Sony’s PSP. This device has the advantage of being both a video player and games machine.It also has access to numerous third party video’s and software.

Sophie Lo, research analyst at IDC said “The video iPod will expand the market. At the moment, portable video players are a very niche product. Apart from Apple, companies like Creative will benefit from the release of a video iPod. It will hurt their (Creative’s) market share but they will have a smaller piece of a bigger pie rather than a larger piece of a smaller pie.”

According to Apple Insider The release of the iPod video is expected to be accompanied by a “major update” to Apple’s iTunes music store that will include a significant number of music videos and other short video content. Apple, which had been updating the “Music Video” segment of its iTunes download service on a regular basis, stopped posting new music video content last month, leading to speculation that a major content update was brewing.

Sources have also recently reported sightings of a new Apple wireless device, which is similar to Apple’s AirPort Express wireless base station, but also includes a video out option. However, it’s unclear if the long-rumored device will coincide with the introduction of a video capable iPod.

Apple recently introduced an ultra-thin version of its iPod called the iPod nano. According to well-placed sources, the company has modeled to sell 3 million of the players each month during the holiday shopping season.

On negative publicity surrounding the recent launch of from the iPod Nano, analyst Lo said, “How successful the new iPod is depends on how they market it, and on the availability of content. I don’t see the iPod Nano as being an issue.”

Invitations to the launch of the device have already been sent to key media outlets with Apple set to spend the next few days spruiking the launch.

On Tuesday the iPod maker began distributing invitations to analysts and members of the media for a special event scheduled for 10:00 a.m. October 12 at the California Theater in San Jose.The invitations simply read: “One more thing…” In recent years, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has used the phrase “One more thing…” to indicate a surprise product announcement towards the end of his keynote presentations.

In the invitations themselves, Apple provided no hints as to what announcements it plans to make. However, recent information suggests that Apple will introduce its iPod with video capabilities. The special event will be the second held by Apple in less than five weeks. On September 7th the iPod maker dazzled the media with the introduction of its ultra-thin iPod nano.

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