Hisense has grown to become one of the fastest emerging TV brands in the country, offering up products that are on trend with slick and contemporary design, whilst simultaneously providing all the tech capabilities your everyday consumer could ever need.

What’s interesting though is that in 2013 the company will release an entirely new range of televisions, including two
Ultra-High Definition (UHD) TVs, which will attempt to deliver a premium level of luxury at a mid-range price point.

The move from Hisense is a response to evolving consumer trends that favour large displays and with so many TVs available in stores and online, buyers are wiser and better informed than ever before. Why would a customer purchase a TV from a brand they’ve previously owned if it now has half the features and costs twice as much when compared to a newer model from Hisense that has Smart technology and impressive specs? It will be the buyers who like to stay on the cutting
edge of home entertainment and are looking for both quality and value who will find the company’s new releases the most temping. 

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The latest release in the XT range features three models, including the friendly giant XT900 84″ UHD TV, the versatile XT880 65″ UHD TV and the XT780 Smart 3D Full HD TV, all of which have built-in Wi-Fi, Web capabilities, good refresh rates and 2D & 3D resolutions. The displays are also edge-lit LED, which have an impressive 178* viewing angle – perfect for those with dynamic or open plan living areas.


We’ve seen some of these technologies before from Hisense in relatively popular models such as the 55″ XT770, which
delivers a full Smart TV experience with internet and built-in apps to connect you to the world, “or even to escape from
it”, as the maker puts it. The latest models continue on from this mark and include apps for Skype, YouTube, SBS On Demand, Vimeo, games and with a few presses of a button you can even check the weather. If all of your own entertainment network is easy via the UHDTV’s four HDMI inputs, Ethernet/LAN input, certified 1.5 DLNA and USB ports. 

But let’s not beat around the bush here. It isn’t all of the Smart technology or adaptability that will sway a buyer to join the growing Hisense camp, it’s the stunning picture quality and cinematic viewing that will. Ultra High Definition TVs display
content that is four times better in picture clarity than the Full HD standard and the new 3840 x 2160 resolution will take proper advantage of the near 2 metre vertical display area on the 84″ goliath and the 164cm screen size of the 65″ model.

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It seems that Hisense is being crystal clear with these TVs of its intentions to prove to Australian households that it has the
high-end technology that is desired, but at what some might consider a more reasonable price. 

Research shows that demand for larger sized TVs is a growing segment here in Australia and with the inevitable shift towards UHD content Hisense looks like it’s already staking its claims as a real market player. Prices on the UHDTVs have not yet been released but are expected to be extremely competitive when compared to models from other brands.

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