Foxtel is planning to launch a slate of new technology, including its own portable media player, named the iQ2go.

The company is reportedly planning to including a download service for mobile devices as well as the iQ2go portable hard-disk drive TV set.

“Portability with television is the next logical step with television – like portability with radio was a logical step a long time ago,” Foxtel CEO Kim Williams told The Age at the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association 2006 conference.

Such a device, which is being prototyped by two different manufacturers, will be able download a full movie in about one second. This is considerably faster than any widely available broadband Internet system will be able to do in the foreseeable future.

“I think it will take off,” Williams said.

The company also plans to add a Movies on Demand service for users of its PVR set top boxes, and has plans to make its broadcasts available through mobile phones and the iQ2go.

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