Foxtel’s IPTV spreads its wings to LG TVsFoxtel’s Play internet TV service, is now available on  LG Smart TVs, it was announced today.  

Foxtel online TV service is already available on  Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox 360, PC’s but now 2013 LG Smart TVs are added to the list. 

Foxtel Play enables customers with a broadband connection access Pay TV, starting at $25 a month and no lock-in contract. Subscribers can stop and start their subscription month-to-month. 
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Foxtel has sought to aggressively grow subscriber numbers of late, as threats from local and outsider providers including Netflix continue to loom, launching Go app for mobile viewers and Internet TV (IPTV) streaming. 

In August, the Pay TV giant confirmed subscribers rose 3.4% or around 90,000 to 2.48 million, driven by Internet-based Foxtel subscribers. 
Add on packages are available, including 45 live channels including Fox Sports 1, 2 and 3, Foxtel Movie channels, Showcase, FOX8, Arena, Lifestyle, History, Discovery, A&E, National Geographic, UKTV, FX, SoHo, MTV, Universal Channel, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and hundreds of catch up video on-demand titles.
Subscribers can register Foxtel Go on up to two additional devices including selected iPads and iPhones and selected Samsung Android tablets and smartphones. 
1 Foxtel Plays LG TVs
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