Foxtel & Sony Cut New EPG License Deals


EXCLUSIVE: Foxtel and Sony have both cut major EPG licensing deals for the use of Macrovision owned electronic program guide patents.

The US Company who own over 4,000 patents relating to content delivery, has recently been in Australia reviewing the use of information using electronic program guides and content delivery systems via TV’s, storage systems and personal video recorders, set top boxes and media centres.

Shortly after a visit to Australia by Macrovision lawyers, the Company who market themselves as a digital entertainment technology Company and the NDS Group Ltd, signed a multi-year agreement with Foxtel to license Macrovision’s electronic program guide (EPG) patent portfolio.
The Macrovision EPG templates are tipped to be a key part of Foxtel’s new IPTV service which is set to be rolled out in October 2008.

Foxtel, a current NDS customer, is licensing Macrovision’s EPG patents under the agreement between Macrovision and NDS on EPG patents, announced in April 2009.

Macrovision executives said that Foxtel now joins a list of leading international pay-TV operator licensees that that are paying them fees for the use of EPG templates.

Samir Armaly, Senior VP of Licensing for Macrovision said “We are pleased to cut a deal with Foxtel to take our patent licensing program and to continue the extension of our licensing program worldwide”.


Foxtel is among the first NDS customers to benefit from our new patent license agreement with Macrovision,” said Gorm Nielsen, Senior Vice President, and Business Development at NDS. “We believe that operators will benefit from the option to license Macrovision EPG patents alongside NDS’ own leading technology and service offerings, part of our ongoing effort to help pay-TV providers bring a richer viewing experience to their audiences.”

Macrovision Solutions Corporation also confirmed to ChannelNews that Sony had recently licensed interactive program guide (IPG) technology and patents from Macrovision. The multi-year agreement will allow Sony to to use Macrovision’s IPG technology and patents, under the company’s Gemstar patent portfolio, in their next generation of Sony Bravia TV’s that are expected in Australia in the last quarter of 2009 and in 2010 in time for the re launch of Sony around the World Cup in South Africa.

Capabilities of home entertainment equipment, such as televisions and recorders, have reached new heights in terms of picture quality, clarity, and ease of use, with new features targeted at enriching the consumer entertainment experience.  Macrovision’s goal is to make it easier for consumers to find a wide range of digital media such as new programming, view pictures and play personal content.

In addition to comprehensive program listings, Macrovision’s IPGs can take consumers to the next level of TV viewing with the ability to manage personal profiles and deliver recommendations based on both editorial reviews and user preferences.

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