Denon will tell you 2014 marks two events. It’s the Wealthy Horse in Asia and globally it’s also the year sales continue their ballistic climb on the upside of Of the hundreds of models that wend their way to few will rival Denon’s funky AH-W150 model, aptly Freak’ AH-W150.

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Denon broke all the rules designing the AH-W150. are celebrating the brand’s decision to broker great package so comfortable and so attractive it can be co-ordinated fashion accessory to go with the colour bracelet, smartphone or tablet.

The AH-W150 can be had in one of four vibrant colours. of pink, blue, black or yellow is simply up to the fashionista in you.

Light and comfortable on the ear and engineered natural sound, the AH-W150 is functional as well.

Its wireless feature is a welcome end to pesky cables or while you’re on the move in a bus, plane, car or app called Denon Sport, logs workouts and map via any smartphone’s GPS mode. And speaking of a microphone on the AH-W150’s headset allows you incoming calls without touching the smartphone. is just as painless with Play, Stop and Volume functions the back of the headphones.


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