Freeview Get Desperate With Big 10 Announcement


Freeview is set to name ten manufacturers on Monday who it claims are participating in their Freeview launch program on May 1 claim Freeview CEO Robin Parkes.

The pre announcement which is believed to have been recommended by Freeview’s new PR agency Access PR is being done in an effort to establish “credibility” for Freeview. Only 10 days ago Parkes was claiming that she only had 4 manufacturers signed up.  

The email sent to ChannelNews came only minutes after we posted a story that Sharp was claiming that it had not signed a deal with Freeview. It also comes as Freeview struggles to build a credible identity prior to their launch in May. It was only last week that the Company attempted to have a video taken down from Google that was described as “taking the piss out of Freeview”. 

Laurie Nolan the marketing director at Sharp said in part in an email sent to SmartHouse and ChannelNews after we claimed that he had cut a deal with Freeview “At no time did I mention Freeview, nor did I imply that the Sharp TVs would be Freeview accredited. Our discussions with Freeview continue, but have not yet been finalised.”

In an email to Sharp Parkes wrote “David is not going to be happy when he sees our official press release on Monday naming 10 manufacturers that are participating as he has long been saying that no manufacturer is supporting us and that we won’t have product in-store on 1 May”.

At no stage has ChannelNews or SmartHouse said that no manufacturer will support Freeview. What we have said is that the major TV brands will not have Freeview compliant or accredited product for the May 1 launch.


Robin Parkes in an email to ChannelNews 10 days ago claimed that Freeview has executed agreements with 4 key manufacturers.

 SmartHouse and ChannelNews said at the time “the four top brands contacted by ChannelNews say that they will not have Freeview compliant TV’s in time for the Freeview launch”.

We also said that several set top box manufacturers such as Beyonwiz, Topfield and other Asian manufacturers will have Freeview compliant devices in time for the launch”. These are not TV’s.

Earlier this month Parkes said in an email to ChannelNews  “We have in fact executed agreements with 4 key manufacturers, and are in the process of working through the legalities with a couple of others, we have no doubt we will be in store with a variety of product 1 May as planned, and have major support from the retailers for this”.

Late yesterday I was contacted by the PR Company for Freeview who asked me for my opinion of Freeview. Access PR Senior Consultant Margaret Fearn wrote “As we get our heads ’round what needs to be done, we’re ‘taking the temperature’ and would value your honest opinion. 

The answer is easy” Freeview is a big con job by TV stations, more so the commercial stations to preserve advertising revenues by using technology to prevent the removal of TV advertising from shows that have been recorded for later viewing”.

The management of Freeview have totally botched the introduction of the service by falsely telling consumers that they would get 15 new Freeview channels when 11 of those Channels are already available.


he CEO of Freeview fails to understand the difference between 4 big brands that have over 75% of the flat panel TV market in Australia and bottom end brands that will hang onto anything to get a free Freeview ride. She also fails to understand the difference between set top box manufacturers who in reality sell a very small amount of product in Australia and the big TV manufacturers who are reluctant to increase the price of a TV by including Freeview scoped technology and who don’t to deliver TV’s that hinders a good experience for viewers such as being able to remove TV advertising.

In an email to SmartHouse this week one reader said “Freeview is not credible and vendors who stick a Freeview logo on their products are basically advertising to consumers not to buy their product. Unless Freeview get 100% of the TV vendors consumers are going to avoid Freeview complient products like the plague”.  

Adam Turner writing for Hyrapinion a blog set up by five leading technology journalists said” Fear, uncertainly and doubt – FUD – is the most powerful weapon in any war. Freeview and Free TV Australia – two cartels representing the interests of broadcasters – have been pounding us with it for more than a year.”

“First it was fear of restricted access to EPG data, then uncertainty about missing out on “15 new channels” and now doubt that your existing digital gear will still work after May 1 due to a switch from MPEG2 to MPEG4 broadcasting”
“After creating all this confusion Freeview plans to launch a new ad campaign offering the solution to digital confusion – buy a Freeview-endorsed PVR. You can be sure it will work (although you can also be sure it won’t let you skip advertisements or easily make copies of recordings)”.



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