Freeview has unveiled its new website that can help consumers find what they need to get digital TV channels and content.

According to the company, among the new functionality and features are: a list of TV channels available in each region, a list of products (including model number) that have been endorsed by Freeview, a retailer, a summary of the top 5 questions asked about Freeview, and a glossary of technical terms.

In addition, consumers can adjust the size of the text on the Freeview site, share the site with friends via social media, and perform a search on the Freeview site.

Freeview CEO, Robin Parkes said that the website is designed with the consumer in mind.

“The new features and functionality on our website has been designed with the consumer in mind, equipping them with all the tools and information they need to switch to digital TV and receive great content for free. We will continue to add features and improvement to our site based on consumer feedback and new channel launches to make the site as user-friendly as possible,” says Parkes.

See the new Freeview website at: www.freeview.com.au

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