Fujitsu PC Australia has released the LifeBook T2020 (3.5G), a Tablet-Convertible notebook with a bi-directional screen. Combined with integrated 3.5G functions, it allows you to enjoy Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere.

According to their press release, the bi-directional screen allows for a better screen sharing experience and does away with limited seating arrangements previously encountered with conventional notebooks allowing you to share and present information more effectively. The notebook also features ergonomic surprises such as an improved latch design to secure the touch screen to its base, thereby allowing it to be held up vertically. Another ascpect of the design is the antenna which pops out slightly by the slide switch, making it easy to rotate it up 180 degrees.

The LifeBook T2020 has a 9-cell battery that lasts an impressive 10.25 hours. The embedded 3.5G capability allows users to communicate on-the-go anywhere, which when combined with dual digital microphones and dual stereo speakers, make it an ideal mobile communication platform.

Weighing at just 1.62kg with the use of a 6-cell battery, the LifeBook T2020 (3.5G) is light and slim. The notebook  has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor SU9300 (1.2GHz, 800MHz, 3MB L2 Cache), Mobile Intel GS45 Express Chip with ICH9M and the Intel WiFi Link 5300AGN (3×3) network connection.

Knowing there is nothing more precious to business professionals than their data, Fujitsu has included security features into the LifeBook T2020 that makes unauthorised access to information in the device essentially impossible. Built-in safety measures like BIOS Lock, 2-password Hard Disk Lock, LifeBook Lock, Smartcard Support, Anti-Theft Lock slot and the optional Trusted Platform Module keep intruders well off any kind of access. The Fingerprint Sensor also makes it easy for you to access encrypted information instantaneously – with just a swipe of your pre-registered fingerprint. The Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor also gives you the assurance that you won’t be hit by data loss from carelessness or unforeseen accidents.

Fujistu also points out the lowered environmental impact of the T2020, claiming to be firmly committed to the promotion of a cleaner environment complying with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) across its entire range of products. In addition, Fujitsu says it has established a set of commitments that goes beyond RoHS requirements, thus allowing it to stay focused on its customers’ health and well-being as well as embracing a healthier environment for all. Their Green strategy includes adopting a green factory concept and taking steps to improve the energy-efficiency of their computers. Fujitsu is also a sponsor and a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Product Summary

Vendor: Fujitsu PC Australia
Model:  LifeBook T2020
RRP: A$3,399.00, A$3,899.00 for 3.5G model
Website: http://au.fujitsu.com/pc
Product link: http://www.fujitsu.com/au/services/technology/pc/notebooks/tseries/t2020/

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