Clothing manufacturer G-Star has won its court case against Australian retailer Urban Culture for selling counterfeit G-Star clothing.

The company first became aware of the counterfeit G-Star branded items sold through Urban Culture in March 2009 and, while G-Star could not say how much counterfeit stock Urban Culture was moving, when a representative from G-Star visited an Urban Culture store, they found approximately 100 units of counterfeit G-Star clothing being offered for sale.
G-Star then issued proceedings against Urban Culture Pty Ltd and its director Abdul Salam Auieda, alleging trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and misleading and deceptive conduct.
Federal Magistrate ruled in favour of G-Star last week, awarding damages to the tune of $90,727.
Tony Watson, a partner of Middletons who acted for G-Star, said “G-Star takes the issue of counterfeit products very seriously and is very pleased to see that an Australian court has supported its standpoint.

“The international denim brand is committed to protecting its brand and intellectual property rights and feels responsible for protecting their business relations, customers and consumers. Therefore, the brand will not hesitate to take quick and decisive action against those that seek to get a free ride on G-Star’s long and substantial investment in building and maintaining the G-Star brand and reputation around the world.”

G-Star has also set up a customs program, working with Australian Customs, to monitor and seize shipments of counterfeit G-Star products being brought into Australia. 
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