Once you pick up the controller to play Alan Wake, there is no turning back. This suspense thriller game may be short, but offers something new to the gaming genre. Trailers and YouTube clips do not do this game justice – experiencing this game first hand is a must.

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Alan Wake is about a famous novelist who lost his writing mojo. Wake and his wife head to Bright Falls with hopes that he will find inspiration in the change of scenery. His wife suddenly goes missing and it is up to him to track her down and do whatever it takes to save her. Armed with a torch, Alan ventures into the night, battling dark beings called the ‘Taken’ who seem to be connected to his wife’s disappearance.

The game has six episodes, with the beginning of each ‘episode’ showing you events that happened previously. Players will encounter plot twists and surprises found in famous horror novels. The story is well-paced and gamers can get their fix without getting lost.

Unlike other games where you can stock up on guns and ammo, gamers need to conserve ammunition, strategise the plan of attack, and use the light – a lot. The enemies have to be weakened by a torch, flare gun, or spotlight first before they receive damage, while Alan constantly gets to various points where he loses everything he finds.

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The enemies are clever – they back away when a flare is lit up, throw projectiles when you are far away, and even attack in groups. It gets hectic at times, but it is still manageable. As you encounter the same enemies throughout the game, there were times when killing just got repetitive. A little variation could have made the whole experience better.

From forests, national parks, to construction sites, Bright Falls looks fantastic. Remedy Games really made sure that users will be able to immerse themselves and become part of the game. The cast also plays an important part, and we are satisfied with the way each one was portrayed.

Unfortunately, the game had a problem with lip-synching – there were a lot of times when the audio was ahead and the mouth movement was not as good as say, Final Fantasy 13. Facial expressions were also not as believable as we hoped.

Overall, Alan Wake is a game worth playing and experiencing, thanks to its brilliant visuals, solid gameplay and compelling story. This game is a must-have and is available starting this week.

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