Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2, is one of the most highly anticipated first person shooters of 2009, following on from the extremely popular Call of Duty – Modern Warfare (MW) developed by Infinity Ward and produced by Activision.

Call of Duty has been a long running franchise based around World War II, with the exception of the Modern Warfare duo which is set in present time. Originally starting on the PC it didn’t take long before it expanded to the console and hand held platforms and from there it has grown exponentially.
Modern Warfare, was and still is one of the most played online first person shooters, personally it is the game that I compare all other online multiplayer’s too, and since its release in 2007 has been unparalleled. 
MW 2 for all its upsides is still largely an online multiplayer game, only giving the player around 7hrs of single player campaign (the 7hrs are action packed though) picking up where the first MW left off just 5 years in the future. Although a lot of people will be put off by the short single player campaign, keep in mind that this game is designed moreso to be a multiplayer, unlike the previous COD games that have been largely single player.
Some of the most outstanding features of this title aside from the gameplay are the graphics and audio. The visual appearance of this game is impressive as always, with some great textures as well as environmental graphics for your surroundings, the layout and feel of the levels are well designed, giving the player a lot of free range to make their own paths to their objectives helping cater to people who like different styles of gameplay i.e. stealth, close combat, sniping etc.

The multiplayer side of this game has had an overhaul also, they have; however kept the structure of the first MW but tweaked and added to it to make it even better. Unlike the first MW your kill streak perks are no longer limited to the standard 3: UAV, Airstrike, Attack Helicopters (and the rarely seen 25kill streak Nuclear strike), you still have the standard above mentioned, however now you have the choice of around 15 others as well.  A larger array of weaponry including attachments also helps creates a lot more variety. 
Now for the downside… Unlike previous COD games, there are no longer dedicated servers set up to host, which means that it’s up to the individual players to host the games, creating a few side issues that might tarnish your view of the game.  Having to rely on players to host the games means that you can be stuck with horrible connections, lag, and dropouts, to their credit, they have developed a new system which stops the game from crashing if a hosts connection gets too bad, or they leave the game.  As I’m sure most people out there in the online gaming community have experienced with games that rely on the players to host, when the host is getting beaten they sometimes have a tendency to slip and accidentally turn their consoles off mid match, therefore losing all in game progress, scores, kill streaks and experience points.
Infinity’s answer to this is simple, if the hosts connection is terminated, the game pauses briefly, moves to the next best players connection, and resumes the match exactly where it left off, keeping all your kills, points and achievements intact.
Overall Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a definite must have for fans of the first release, or anyone who likes first person shooters. 
Rating: 4/5
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