Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new range of Diamond Digital slim-line TFT LCD monitors, with an 8ms response rate targetting the gaming market.

There are two sizes in the range – the 17 inch DV177 and the 19 inch DV197.
Described as the company’s flagship range and designed in Australia, the displays are height and angle adjustable and have dual signal inputs (DVI Digital and Analogue).
The new monitors are available in beige and silver/black with a super slim bezel.
“We’ve made aesthetics and visual appearance a key priority when designing these new monitors.  As well as being suited for gaming purposes, all consumers can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology, with the excellent response rate reducing the flicker that so often accompanies LCD screens,” said Richard Freggi, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Digital Electronics.
Pricing on the 17 inch is $499 (RRP) and the 19 inch is $699 (RRP).
A 20 inch model will be introduced later this year.

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