He’s at it again. Gerry Harvey is back on the anti-online brigade. This time its all about categories…and Australia.

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Speaking on ABC’s Lateline last night the billionaire spoke about the online revolution, Wayne Swan and also had a winge about politicans across the spectrum.

When asked whether online was the way of the future, he said: “yeah, but this is where people get it all mixed up. They don’t get it. And that’s the whole problem.”

“You’ve got to go through it by category. So when you start talking about the categories that we are in, OK?, and talk about the internet sales in those categories – that’s what you’ve got to do,” he added.

Ok Gerry.

“If you want to go into bedding, we’re the biggest in Australia. The sales on the internet are zilch, or so close to it it doesn’t matter.”

On whitegoods, he said:” there’s no internet sales in the world on that to speak of.”

He goes on to say:

“If you go to most retailers in the world that are selling that, it’s under 1 per cent. Now these are the facts. People don’t want to talk about the facts, they want to talk about some crappy bullsh***y thing. I don’t know what it is.

The 73 year old also claims he’s not past it as his staff tell him so:

“So I then go to the people that work with me and for me and I say, “You’re 30 or 40, have I missed it? Tell me if I’m losing it.” Right? “No, no, no, no, no.” They say, “You’re not. You’re up there.”

(Well they’re hardly going to tell him otherwise, now are they?)

And Harvey was also singing the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie swansong, claiming his interests are not about himself but the local economy and jobs.

“It’s just the whole Australian economy I’m looking at and the number of retailers that are going to go out of business – and manufacturers. We’re out there supporting Australian manufacturers all the time, trying to keep a furniture industry going in this country.”

Read what Mr Harvey had to say about mining tax, Wayne Swan and The Labor Party here.


” We are the only furniture retailer in Australia, furniture and bedding retailer in Australia that’s really supported Australian manufacturers to keep them going.”

He also claims politicans are useless and has yet to get a favour from one.

I’ve talked to Liberal politicians, I’ve talked to Labor politicians and some others and I can honestly say I’ve never been helped by a politician yet, ever. If I have, I’ve forgotten about it.”

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