With both Samsung and LG launching internet ready TVs just this month, it’s not just a load of hype says analysts. And the industry looks set for a boom growth.

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Nearly 20 percent of all TVs shipped last year featured IPTV capabilities and will be the next big thing to hit our screens with growth of 30 per cent y-o-y .

“The adoption of connected TV capabilities is a natural next step,” says a new DisplaySearch report out today and by 2014 uptake will be enormous with 123 million sets shipped worldwide.

The onslaught of IPTV has been aided and abetted by digital TV broadcasting and improved broadband so it looks like the NBN could come just in time for internet TVs to take off.

But that’s not all that’s going to happen says the TV Design and Features Report.

As Smart TV goes mainstream viewers will be confused, swamped by content from apps, internet TV and the slew of new channels on offer.

And they’re probably right.

LG’s smart TVs, launched in Australia earlier this month, feature all the apps, premium content and internet browser and entertainment options on the ‘home dashboard’ and content wise there is everything from Big Pond TV and Movies to LG apps, as well as full internet browsing, Facebook, Twitter and catch up services like Yahoo7 Plus, ABC iView and Fox Sports, to name but a few. And ditto on Samsung devices.

And specs wise some of the sets recently launched here feature everything from cinema 3D-ready, web ready, DLNA-out, Wi-Fi, Smartshare, DVR ready, LED backlighting and USB ready, so its little wonder confusion is also on the menu.


“Smart TVs are adding to what is already a fast-moving and fiercely competitive battleground, with competition appearing in all directions, including mobile PC devices such as tablets and increasingly powerful set top boxes with services accessible anytime, anywhere,” says Paul Gray, Director of TV Electronics.

And even basic Smart TVs, defined as a set which shows internet content without the restrictions of a portal, has search and recommendations, is upgradeable by its owner, and able to network with other devices, will carry enhanced broadcast services such as Hbb.TV or basic video on demand such as Netflix, Maxdome, Acetrax.

And as for other innovations, Panasonic will continue locating content in the cloud while other capabilities to hit IPTV screens include the RVU standard that allows ‘connected TVs’ and set-top boxes to share pay TV content, and low-power sets that can operate with no power cord using only an Ethernet cable.

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