Put your car in Stig mode or even allows Clarkson take the wheel with TomTom GO LIVE Top Gear edition. The limited edition satnav lets Jeremy Clarkson give you directions or go to Stig mode, which is mute. It even has unique Top Gear selected points of interest including local race track and raceway locations, out today for $299.
Featuring TomTom’s “congestion-busting” HD Traffic technology, the new satnav will steer drivers through traffic jams and is comes with other Top Gear features including start-up and shut-down screens and car icons.

Drivers can choose to have The Stig mode, which renders the device instantly silent, or select motormouth Jeremy Clarkson’s plummy British tones to guide them through Aussie roads (although we’re sure him screaming to go faster won’t be one of them!).

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“For Top Gear fans, this limited edition satnav is the ultimate driving companion. Featuring The Stig, Clarkson and TomTom HD Traffic, the GO LIVE Top Gear edition is perfect for drivers who love the open road,” said Corinne Vigreux, TomTom Managing Director.

The Top Geat satnav will set you back $299, and includes one year of TomTom’s LIVE Services free, as an added bonus.

TomTom’s HD Traffic also delivers dynamic routing and accurate traffic information every two minutes, gives drivers detailed incident reports, length of delays and reason for them, accurate travel and arrival times and alternative route proposals.


The LIVE Services bundle also includes the Speed Cameras service, providing mobile and fixed speed camera alerts, while TomTom Places local search helps to pinpoint shops and businesses in the area.

Other services with Top Gear model include ‘QuickGPSfix’ gets you navigating in seconds and TomTom Weather gives local and five-day forecasts.

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