Computers and CE devices have become so crucial to our lives that when they go wrong it becomes a stressful event to fix them. Now help is at hand in the form of health professionals for CE and IT devices.

Gizmo is a brand new CE and IT support service that has been launched in Sydney. Their primary objective is to deliver health care for new and sick devices.
The Gizmo service provides help in setting up and maintaining computer systems, home networking, peripherals and media/entertainment centres.

Gizmo is initially providing in-home service in the Sydney metropolitan area, with telephone assistance available nationwide. The in-home service is set to be expanded across Australia over the next 12 months based on the success of the service in the Sydney market.

Similar to the Geek Squad in the USA Gizmo has a team of qualified, technicians with knowledge of digital technology.

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“The growth of broadband and multiple devices in the home is resulting in increasingly sophisticated home technology, such as wireless networking,” said Brett Chenoweth, Gizmo’s CEO. “Gizmo can help people deal with these issues so that they can enjoy more of their personal time while getting the most out of their digital devices.”
“The Gizmo vision is to remove the frustrations and complexity of technology and open our customers up to a world of new ideas, experiences and opportunities. We love technology, we’ve read the manuals and we’re serious about making technology fun and simple,” Brett added.

Recent GfK Group research1 shows that 77 percent of Australians now have more than eight digital devices in their homes. “Many people are linking these devices together via broadband and networking, creating a new and growing level of complexity in household technology,” said Angus Macaskill, an analyst at GfK Group, highlighting that nearly 50 percent of people have installation issues with technology such as wireless routers. “A service such as Gizmo, that enables Australians to manage their home technology challenges, is very timely,” he said.

Gizmo allows people to select from a list of service packages designed specifically to address the diverse needs of home technology and digital devices. Home service visits are priced2 at a flat rate and range from $120 to $240 depending on the service required while over the phone service is a flat $60 (support that requires less than ten minutes costs only $20). Additionally, Gizmo offers a ‘no fix, no fee’ guarantee.

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