Surf web in Australia, USA, UK and Ireland from $9 for 1GB.Globalgig offer all-inclusive mobile data for use in Australia, USA, UK and Ireland from $9 for 1GB per month, 3GB costs $19 and 5GB is $29.

Globalgiggers can also access an additional 36 countries including Hong Kong, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland in the Globalgig network at low per MB prices. Data roaming for France and Germany now cost 10c per MB so if you’re downloading 5mb costs 50c.
Globalgig GM James Boardman says the company “is breaking the rules for mobile broadband by including the USA, UK and Ireland in a domestic mobile broadband data bundle for the first time. 
“Globalgig’s new Home & Abroad plan is a real game changer for customers as it offers them simple, low cost mobile broadband that they can use at home in Australia or on their travels with confidence and without the fear factor of using mobile broadband overseas.”
The service has gone from strength to strength in a short period by offering value deals and not indulging in the chronic overcharging that has been the norm in the mobile broadband industry.
You can use Globalgig’s low cost mobile data service by purchasing a $2 SIM card for your iPad or tablet or $49 pocket-sized Globalgig mobile WiFi hotspot that can connect up to five WiFi devices, including mobile phones, at any one time. 
There are no lock-in contracts and you can switch between plans month by month at no extra cost. Globalgig is available online at www.globalgig.com.au and at Dick Smith and Big W.
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