Good Guys: ‘Not Going Mobile Is Wrong’


The Good Guys have just announced a slew of new e-comm tools for the “hyper connected” Aussie consumers. CN caught up with The Guys’ eCommerce Manager,Bevin Morris, to talk mobile.

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Mobile platform is growing rapidly and the numbers accessing the web via mobile has rocketed 150% and the retailer is convinced mobile is the way to go, as part of its multi channel experience, says Morris. 

Mobiles are now a “huge research device” with consumers checking price, dimensions and comparing products all from the comfort of a tablet or smartphone.

But customers are not just browsing – they are also directly buying from The Good Guys mobile sites  and are “experiencing good transactions across desktop, mobile and tablet,” although Morris wouldn’t be drawn on a breakdown of the numbers across each platform.

“Companies not developing mobile channels will be at the wrong side of history,” the e-comm boss believes, adding: “mobile sites bridge the gap between in-store and online.”

Among the new m-commerce tools launched are fully digital catalogues that customers can purchase from directly, scan QR codes from print catalogues and eGift cards which can be emailed directly to the recipient.

But its mobile site is not just used remotely – more and more consumers are using m-site while shopping in-store, “comparing, getting more info, looking at reviews and catalogues.”

Morris says digital catalogues are getting “great traction” as consumers can ‘add to cart’ directly, making a purchase tranaction easier and “gives the full mobile experience to catalogues.”

The retailer also says it is “pleased” with results for QR code scanning for printed catalogues.

Its a small but a growing way to add to the online experience for customers, he says.

And what’s to come from the retailer in 2013?

Driving our customer service more online is a major focus in 2013, says Morris.” We don’t want consumer thinking they cant get full customer service from our webstore”

The retailer is currently  running a $1 delivery deal on all small appliances/accessories until December 23.

And which is proving more popular among consumers – pick up or delivery for online orders?


Morris says pick up is still a popular option among consumers as shopping is still a “social activity” but with big ticket items like a French Door fridge “customers don’t mind paying an extra $50 for the convenience of delivery.”

And speaking of social, networks like Facebook and Twitter are very “worthwhile [for the] channel..the message spreads very easily” he says, and The Good Guys have accounts on both and over 260K Facebook ‘Likes”, to date.

Social media is also good for creating hype – when The Good Guys announced it was opening a store in Hobart it received “great customer feedback.”

“It’s a great awareness channel,” he says.

So what are consumers buying this Christmas?

The biggest things at the moment are coffee machines which are “very popular” as are “blenders – any kitchen preparation items really.”

But all tech gadgets like tablets – the iPad, iPad mini and all the new Samsung tabs are going well.

All Windows 8 devices – both tablets, notebooks an PCs are “incredibly popular” although Morris declined to be specific about models or makes.

The retailer is bullish about trading during the silly season.

“We’re looking forward to a bumper season, and consumer confidence appears to be up.”

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