That’s according Google’s CEO Larry Page who is fighting claims it stole Java patents for Android code.

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The case held in San Francisco Federal Court has seen both Oracle – owners of Java – and Google bosses take the stand this week.

Oracle accuses Google of using its Java code to develop the Android mobile platform without a licence.

Oracle, who bought Java in 2010, also insist the Internet kings were aware of the need for a licence to use its Java computer language, essential to the operation of Android, and are now looking for millions in compensation and royalities on all future Android’s sold, reports Reuters.

Larry Page denies the accusations, declaring in court Wednesday saying Android was “important, but not critical” to its business. And Page may have a point.

Android has been a relatively small money maker for the Internet giant, said to have earned it less than $550 million since 2008 – small cakes to the behometh who recently announced earnings of $10.65 billion for its latest quarter Q1 2012.

He also insisted Google used the “free part” of Java and did not infringe Java patents and did not break the basic rules of the Java programming community” as Oracle allege.

This is despite the enormous success of the Android platform – global shipments of Droids operated smartphones includes Samsung, HTC and Sony devices hit record 155 m units in Q4 last year, an astounding 54% growth y-o-y.

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Google, say no license was needed to run the Java software, critical to Google’s mobile domination plans as it allows it run Android over multiple platforms like mobiles, tablets and PCs.

However, when questioned Page, who was said to look uncomfortable on the stand at times, said he was not aware of Google policies in relation to intellectual property, but added: “we were very careful about what information we used and what we did not use.”

Oracle claims the Internet giant even tried to hide the fact they used Java in Android’s code and presented e-mail evidence from Andy Rubin, Google Senior VP in court, to prove it.

Google started Android in order to help its mobile services on mobile platforms, Page told the court yesterday:


He also insisted Android was a home grown effort and spoke of how the giant was “really frustrated in getting our technology out to people,” adding he would have preferred to go into business with Sun Micro – then the owners of Java- than go it alone.

“It would have saved us a lot of time and trouble to use Sun’s technology. When we weren’t able to have our business partnership, we went down our own path,” he added.

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