Ok we knew we could search the World Wide Web. But now it looks like we can even skydive on Google. Literally.
Codenamed “Project Glass”, Google’s glasses are technology you can wear. Basically when you put these speccies on, it will feed information across the (left lens) screen including emails, video chat, Google searches and GPS direction.

Oh and the augmented reality specs, first announced in April, are kitted out with a camera so it also holds a memory function.

The clever clogs at Google are working with some of the world’s top athletes on the project to “share the experience — through their eyes — with the world.”

The high tech specs are “designed to help you live in the moment — even when you’re falling from the sky,” says Google and to prove their point sent co-founder Sergey Brin and others on a skydiving expedition.

Brin showcased his experience of skydiving from a plane while sporting the Google glasses which captured his experience – from jumping off the plane to landing minutes later for 6000 attendees at the Google I/O conference, on in San Francisco this week.

“That was amazing,” Brin declared. “There was no way I could have that memory without this device.”

(But one can’t help but think that they could also be a massive distraction as your strolling down the street as its literally like a smartphone stuck to your face).

However, the specs won’t come cheap and will costs US$1500, and are being sold to computer programmers in the US only, but will be a mass consumer item by 2014, Google are hoping.


“We want to get it out into the hands of passionate people as soon as possible” said Brin, but also admitted,” we do view this is as a premium sort of thing,” reports Bloomberg.

However, it is a very telling indicator of where AR technology is going and how it is fast becoming a reality.

“We are always pushing the limits of our technology, and Project Glass is no exception. We’re still in early development days,”  the tech giant blogged earlier today.

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