In its latest preview update, Google has re-enabled touch controls on its miniature smart speaker, Google Home Mini, after disabling the function just before to its launch following privacy concerns.

Android Police’s, Artem Russakovski, noticed that the review unit of his Google Home Mini was sending across all his voice recordings – including those not aimed at the smart speaker – back to Google.

In the latest v1.30 preview software, Google has re-enabled touch controls on the sides of the devices, however, not the top.

%name Google Home Mini Gets Back Touch Controls, After Privacy Concerns

Whilst the functionality is only contained in the preview software thus far, it should roll out to all Google Home Mini users shortly, pending acceptance by users on the Google Home Beta program.

Touch controls on the side of the devices include; an ability to silence timers or alarms, pause or play music, and adjust volume levels.

Google has not provided any information on whether touch functionality to the top of the Google Home Mini – which triggered Google Assistant – will return. Google originally specified that it was being permanently disabled.