Google has seemingly suspended production of its original Pixelbook only three years after it launched on the market.

The popular chromebook, which retailed for $999 (AUD$1382) is out of stock on the Google online store and the purchasing link for the Pixelbook redirects to the homepage.

The store also lists the Pixelbook as “out of stock” in the US, and “no longer available” in the UK.

chromebook 360x180 Google Quietly Axes Popular Pixelbook

According to a statement from Google supplied to The Verge, the media giant is ‘strongly suggesting’ the Pixelbook is not just out of stock, but permanently discontinued.

“We are proud of the success of Pixelbook, which will continue to receive the latest versions of Chrome OS per our auto-update guidelines,” the statement reads.

“While Pixelbook is out of stock on the Google Store, Pixelbook Go, which delivers similar high-performance elements in a familiar form factor, is available starting at $649.”

Pixelbook Go, which launched in 2019, has all the familiar features of the original Pixelbook, albeit a smaller aspect ratio.

Google appears to be favouring promotion of its Pixelbook Go and there is no word of a new Pixelbook or Google laptop launch any time soon.

The company is slated to unveil its new Pixel 5 phone, Chromecast and a smart speaker at its September 30 event.