After renders of its upcoming flagship smartphone were leaked online, Google stepped in to confirm the accuracy of the images revealing a triple-rear camera system.

Via its own @madebygoogle Twitter account, the company revealed a triple rear camera system on the top corner of the rear of the phone that will presumably hold multiple lenses, a first for Pixel.

The Pixel 3 focused on intelligent camera tech in a single lens with a second wide angle lens on its front for group shots instead of including multiple lenses like its competitors Samsung, Apple, LG, and Huawei.

However, Google appears to be changing directions with the next flagship.

A similar leak, courtesy of notable tipster OnLeaks and Pricebaba surfaced online and was widely circulated is strikingly comparable to Google’s own tease.

Google suffered months of leaks of the recently released Pixel 3a and 3a XL, to the point that the devices were discovered on sale in Best Buy ahead of their official launch.

It appears that this time around, Google is attempting to beat the leakers at their own game by teasing the phone itself, regaining some control of what gets out.

Despite this, more rumours of the upcoming device are continuing to leak.

9to5Google and XDA-Developers have both indicated the upcoming flagship may be the first to include “gesture sensing” i.e. tracking hand gestures via Google’s hardware experiment Project Soli.

Google’s Twitter account has yet to confirm that rumour.

The Pixel 4 is expected to be officially announced in October 2019 during Google’s annual hardware event.

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