Hewlett Packard has found itself on the receiving end of a protest by Greenpeace over its ‘harmful products’. Greenpeace camped outside Hewlett-Packard’s headquarters carrying signs and launching a blimp with the words ‘HP = Harmful Products’ to all who could see.

They also ran advertising on an FM radio station that could only be heard near the company’s site. Greenpeace is complaining that the outfit uses toxic materials in its computers and other products cannot be disposed of without hurting the environment.

Although HP banned carbon monoxide fumes caused by its many employees smoking, that clearly was not enough for Greenpeace. David Lear, who has the unfortunate title of HP’s vice president of environmental and social responsibility, said the company was looking into alternative materials. He said that HP had already changed some of its practices to be more environmentally friendly, including removing lead from its products worldwide.

But then it can’t sell the lead based products in Europe but it can Australia which is why Intel is suddenly producing “lead free” chipsets.

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