Home Automation Inc. (HAI) is about to roll out a new firmware for its Omni and Lumina home control systems which adds the Clipsal C-Bus integration.

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HAI says that its Version 3.2 controller firmware will be shipping before the end of July and will provide advanced lighting control for the 220/240V 50Hz market.

Integrating with a HAI home control system provides the ability to change light settings by time of day, a set schedule, triggering of events (including motion or alarm), telephone call, Touchscreen, web-enabled cell phone, or a computer connected to the Internet.

The Clipsal C-Bus integration can be easily added to either the OmniPro II or the Lumina Pro home control system with a free firmware update for current registered users with flash-updatable controllers. 

Alloys will be featuring the new Clipsal C-Bus Integration at their Digital Entertainment/Home Automation display booth 126 at the CEDIA Expo on July 15-17, 2009.


HAI President, Jay McLellan said, “We look forward to demonstrating the Clipsal integration with our HAI Premier Distributor, Alloys, at CEDIA Expo in Australia. With recent support for the Lutron HomeWorks products and PLLC 220 V UPB light switches, we continue to offer more lighting control options to provide the perfect solution for every homeowner worldwide.”

Alloy’s CEO, Paul Harman said, “HAI have simplified the automation market so it is available for every lifestyle and budget.  This C-Bus integration will now allow customers who already have a C-Bus lighting solution installed to enjoy the power of a fully integrated Automation solution.”

Alloys and HAI will also be conducting the free seminars in Australia and New Zealand. Training will include information regarding HAI’s new Clipsal lighting control integration and upcoming Dynalite integration. For more information, or to register, please visit: http://www.alloys.com.au/catalogue/html/hai/HAI_invite_0609.pdf

Seminar dates:

July 13, Sydney, 9am – 5pm, Application Programming
July 20, Melbourne, 2 – 4pm, Introduction to HAI and New Products
July 21, Melbourne, 9am – 5pm, PC Access 3.0 Programming
July 23, Auckland, NZ, 9am – 5pm, Introduction to Home Automation
See: www.alloys.com.au

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