Toys today are certainly quite different to toys of the past, and Hasbro’s new high-tech
toys are a good example of this; a robotic puppy dog, dubbed Mio Pup and a Gibson SG-styled
guitar called the Power Tour.

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Mio Pup is a robotic puppy that offers a complete pet experience delivered through innovative functionality, puppy-like movements, and groundbreaking aesthetics, the company claims.

Mio Pup shows anyone just how she’s feeling with over 100 animated “eye-cons”: various expressions that lights up in her eyes. Her “babble-back” technology will also tell you if the Pup needs food, a walk, some cuddling, or some sleep. The Mio Pup also responds to various interactions: if you pat her head, chin, or back, she will respond to you just like a real puppy would.

The Mio Pup is available in white and limited edition purple.

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The new Power Tour Guitar is styled after the Gibson SG and delivers an authentic Gibson sound. This product is perfect for starters as the guitar has no strings attached and is touch activated. It comes with a built-in teaching program and an instructional DVD to get a child started. Children will know all the basic guitar terminologies like “hammer-ons”, “pull-offs”, and “palming”, change the modes and tones of the guitar from Rock to Indy to Metal and Punk, and other different ways that you can rock out loud.

The Power Tour Guitar has a light up, touch sensitive neck, while electronic lights guide young fingers and teach him/her how to play the guitar. A built-in speaker produces the “realistic” sound, making guitar lessons fun. A special learn mode helps the player get used to guitar playing by slowing down or speeding up the flashing lights.

Users can also jam to their favourite music by plugging in their MP3 player into the guitar. Strumming to tunes like “Smoke on the Water” is also possible, thanks to the guitar’s pre-programmed tunes. Finally, one can turn up the volume with a power Amp available for use with the Power Tour Guitar.


Mio Pup – $74.95
Power Tour Guitar – $105.95

See: www.hasbro.com

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