When you are designing your smart home complete with automated lighting, security, home theatre and blinds – the next step is to throw out your remotes and activate it all by voice.

Imagine coming home after work and saying “lights on to evening setting” and having all the necessary lights turn on automatically, without even lifting a finger. Jayde InterActive Technologies has created voice recognition solutions that do precisely that.

However, that is not all they can do – the software solutions can control entertainment systems with inbuilt infrared, arm and disarm security systems as well as integrate with your PC so you can control your mouse and keyboard entirely by voice.

The home automation system works directly with end-hardware and claims to integrate fully into existing security or home automation systems, thus allowing you to pre-program lights to com on at pre-specified times. The system comes with an inbuilt command set but can also incorporate voice control for any other appliances such as air conditioners or entertainment systems.

The included command set offers lighting controls: Lights on, Lights off, Dim lights, Dim lights to fifty percent, Set lights to fifty percent, Make brighter, Increase brightness, Change lights, Toggle lights. There are also temperature options and alarm options: Alarm on, Alarm system, Arm system, Emergency alarm, Security breach, Securtiy alert, Alarm off, Disarm system, Welcome visitor, Good night, Evening alarm, Night alarm, Good morning and?Morning alarm.

Optional commands may include: Turn on/off dvd/radio/tv, Set tv/radio to channel (x), Turn up/down volume, Open/close front/back/side door, Open/close (all) window(s) and?Open/close (all) blinds.

As you can probably guess, this kind of functionality can be highly beneficial as well to sufferers of RSI, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, loss of limbs as well as the partial and non sighted (DNS Pro integrates with third party software such as JAWS).

Three options are available – basic voice to text conversion software for use on a computer, advanced voice to text conversion which includes voice control over your mouse and the complete computer control, voice to text conversion and home automation package. The latter will integrate with existing home automation and security systems and can be retro-fitted as well.

Cost: This can vary depending on the package you choose.
A very basic PC only software and headset package could star from $99.
The more advanced software options range from $500 – $800.
Professional software and headset package (which offers home control but without the cost of wiring etc) is approximately $2500 whilst full home automation control starts from approximately $5000.

See: www.interactivetechnologies.org

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