As appliance market grows, Channel News caught up with Appliances Online General Manager, Peter Harris, to find out what’s hot this Christmas.

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“One obvious one is N’espresso coffee machine ..demand peaks this time of year” says Harris, and range for $280-$900.”

“People do spend big on coffee machines but the big seller is still the entry level $299 model, we’re selling them for $279.

“Machines that froth milk are big movers,” he told CN.

The g3 Ferrari Pizza maker is also popular on the gift list, and wine cooler cabinets, usually single temperature 30 bottle models.

On the TV front, two models that are big movers pre-Christmas are the 19″ Samsung TV which is “ideal for kids bedrooms” costing under $200, and “Outdoor TV Liquify brand is big this time of year,.we had it on Big Brown Box also owned by Winnings last year” says Harris.

There is also a spike in BBQs and we carry a lot of stock, juicers and blenders, food mixer and processors as consumers get more health conscious coming in to the summer months.

“Small appliances are growing… it’s our second Christmas we’ve had a big offering,” carrying brands like Breville and Morphy Richards, so is growing from a small base.

However, Winnings have some “exciting new small appliance brands in the pipeline very soon” Harris told CN, although would not reveal their identity.

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“On the big appliance front, we see a surge in French door sales, while demand for bar fridges also rise this time of year.”

 “This is definitely the refrigerator time of year” says Winnings GM.

Consumers are looking to buy new fridges over Christmas and its “no coincidence” that it’s the main time of year to entertain family and friends at home.

A big French door fridge definitely gives a ‘wow factor’, he says.

And what about Winnings new Consumer Electronics department?

“Its going well, we’re selling quite a bit of home threatre, blue ray players, and TVs; Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are the big selling TV brands.”

So is the retailer expecting a busy Christmas?

“We expect Christmas 2012 to be even bigger” than last year’s and the e-tailer has hired and trained a bunch of new staff to help meet demand.

However, this is the opposite compared to other retailers, Harris acknowledges.

“We’re open Christmas Day and are expecting big things,” right through to the January sales says Harris, who will be cooking his staff dinner on Christmas Day.


But Is Winnings worried about reports of poor consumer sentiment?

“Not really, as long as we’ve a good product and service people will spend he insists adding “the average order value goes up this time of year.”

And speaking of demand, Appliances’ GM also admits “we underestimated Click Frenzy demand” which proved a massive success for the online player.

But will the retailer be going back to Click Frenzy next year after this year’s technical furore?

“It depends on what happens and what lessons Click Frenzy have learned,” he says.

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