Are you fed up of being nicked by speed camera’s? How about relaxing by blowing them up.

According to the Evening Sentinel in the UK  more than six million frustrated drivers have logged on to play a game where they blow up speed cameras.  The Camera Killer series of online games were dreamt up by UK software developer Michael Hughes after he was flashed while driving along the M6.

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A really unhappy speed camera victim in Sydney.

The game, which challenges the player to weave through traffic in a car, shooting speed cameras along the way, has proven a hit with motorists driven round the bend by speed traps.

Mr Hughes, aged 35, founder of Galaxy Graphics, said: “I found out quite quickly that any games which appeal to frustrated motorists are going to do very well.”

He added: “I got flashed by a speed camera and it annoyed me, so I thought I’d do something. The original game was really simple but 10,000 people played it in one day, so I decided to make a better one.
“This one is more skilled, and there are still hundreds of people playing it every day.

“I have been surprised by how popular it has been.”

Camera Killer 2, the sequel to Camera Killer, has had almost 6.3 million hits since it was launched in 2004 and still gets an average of 400 hits a day. The game challenges the player to avoid other cars and shoot at cameras on the side of the road. The guns are built into the player’s car.

Mr Hughes, who works as a flash designer and runs Galaxy Graphics in his spare time, said motoring-related games are his most popular.  Galaxy has also had thousands of hits for games where players get to shoot speed camera vans and throw caravans.


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