IceTV is now offering its EPG service in New Zealand following its successful trials over the past few months.

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New Zealand customers can gain access to IceTV’s EPG data for all the digital free-to-air TV channels as well as the ability to access IceTV’s advanced Interactive features online and remotely program their favourite shows to record at home.

In addition, PC users running Windows Media Center and Mac users running EyeTV can access IceTV’s EPG and Interactive features for NZ digital TV.

The company is also offering custom TV Guide apps for iPhone and Android phones, as well as widgets for both Mac and PC for free, with the Interactive features available depending on the IceTV membership.

“If you have a compatible TV Recorder already, we’re offering NZ customers a special launch price of $49 (AUD) for a 12 month membership to IceTV, to celebrate today’s announcement. If you want to experience the IceTV difference for yourself before joining, simply register for a 14-day Free Trial,” said the company.

Following the launch period, there will be 3 Full Membership options available for NZ customers.

    * 1 month Full Membership for $13 (NZD)
    * 3 month Full Membership for $33 (NZD)
    * 12 month Full Membership for $99 (NZD)

IceTV’s Online Marketing Manager, Jonti Etkind said, “We’ve been a pioneer in Australia for the past 5 years, leading the way with Interactive EPG applications. Our team is very proud to be in a position to expand and now support New Zealand digital free-to-air TV customers offering them an independent EPG for free-to-air TV, with greater functionality.”

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