IceTV is currently offering a promotion where you pay $49 for a year’s subscription to its EPG for $49, making it less than $1 per week.

Using Ice TV with a compatible PVR, media centre PC or Mac TV tuner gives your access to the following features:

  • 7-day electronic program guide (EPG): see what’s on TV for the week ahead and schedule shows to record with one click.
  • Remote recording: set shows to record on your device at home via the IceTV website or mobile phone mini site.
  • Series Recording: Set every episode of all your favourite shows on TV to record automatically, every time they’re on.
  • Keyword Recording: Have shows record automatically based on an actor’s name, director’s name or using any keyword.
  • My Upcoming Shows: Create your very own TV Guide that tells you which of your favourite shows are on and when.
  • Recommendations: Receive intelligent suggestions on shows that may interest you based only on what you watch and record.
  • IceTV iPhone app: Gain access and control everything from the palm of your hand, regardless of where you are.
  • IceTV Widget: Instantly gain access to everything on your Mac or PC without even having to go to our website

Soon there will be an abundance of new content with 15 channels of free-to-air TV, called Freeview. Access all the Freeview channels next year with your current IceTV compatible PVR and have total control over what you watch and when. Use the 30 second skip to jump through any unwanted content.
Use the “santascoming” discount code when purchasing a 12 month IceTV subscription to receive the discount. Full instructions on how to use the discount code can be found on the company’s website.
This offer is available for the first 500 customers or until midnight, 31 December 2008.
If you are an existing subscribers – if you have the yearly ‘auto-renew’ option selected you will receive the discounted $49 price automatically, if your account renews before 31 December 2008. Existing customers can also top-up their accounts for the discounted price.

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