IceTV and Toshiba are including a six-month subscription to the IceTV EPG service with all purchases of Toshiba Qosmio G30 & F30 media centre notebooks.

The announcement follows a similar arrangement between IceTV and Hewlett Packard.

An electronic programme guide (EPG) is required to easily watch and record digital television from devices such as media centre notebooks – allowing ‘point and click’ recording.

The new Qosmio G30 with an integrated HD-DVD drive recently relased by Toshiba is the first media-centre notebook to come with limited free IceTV. The notebook also comes with Windows XP Media Centre Edition.

“IceTV changes the way you watch TV. Instead of having to watch shows when they are scheduled, you simply choose the shows you want to watch in advance and watch them at a time that suits you,” said IceTV’s Duncan Ross.

Toshiba-ISD ‘s Matt Codrington said “The power of the Qosmio’s integrated digital TV tuner can not be fully harnessed without using IceTV to schedule recordings through Media Centre. You simply highlight the names of your favourite TV programs using the on-screen TV guide and press ‘record’, one click.”

By installing IceTV’s PIMP (Personal Interactive Media Planner) software (included in the subscription fee), subscribers can also schedule TV programs to record using their mobile phone or any Web browser, from anywhere in the world.

See www.icetv.com.au or www.isd.toshiba.com.au

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