Aussie electronic programme guide (EPG) provider, IceTV, today launched its PIMP service, which allows access and control of its free-to-air TV EPG from any PC, PDA or mobile phone Web browser.

Just like a good pimp should, it lets anyone (with a Web browser) have a go at its goodies. In other words, it allows for remote recording to PIMP-compliant devices.

The PIMP (Personal Interactive Media Planner) is a free add-on to IceTV’s $3 per week subscription. IceTV (ICE being an acronym of Intelligent Content Engine) is Australia’s only independent subscription free-to-air EPG service.

IceTV’s Peter Vogel said “We believe the future is being able to deliver access to media centre and DVR electronic programme guides from outside the home, from anywhere in the world. PIMP is the service we have developed to achieve that and it provides that access via a standard Web browser.”

IceTV’s Duncan Ross said “PIMP allows you to manage your media from a single portal. It gives people back their freedom. No longer do you have to go home to watch a show when the TV network wants you to watch it. Now, wherever you are: at the pub, on a train, or at the office, you can program your recorder and the show’s there at home waiting to be watched when it suits you.”

PIMP currently works only with PCs running Microsoft Media Center Edition, however, IceTV says it will soon enable the service for other recording devices such as PVRS, including Elgato’s EyeTV for MAC users. Presently only Topfield DVRs (digital video recorders) are compatible with the IceTV service, however, IceTV says it soon expects a large share of the DVR market to be so.

It also says there will be no need to retrofit existing Topfield STBs with any hardware mods to use the service, adding that only a simple software adjustment is required.

IceTV also says there are plans afoot to provide music and video content to PIMP users via the Internet.

See www.icetv.com.au/pimpme

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