The power-charging powerhouse Cygnett has everything you need to keep your power levels up while on your journey.

Car Chargers

Keep the power flowing in your devices with Cygnett’s range of car chargers.

The Powermini 2.4, ($29.95) available in black or white, is a dual USB car charger that provides 2.4amp/5V power resulting in super-fast charging experience – up to 40% faster than a standard 1amp charger.

Plus, there’s the added convenience of charging two devices at once.

PowerMini 2 black 1024x1024 In The Car with Cygnett

The Powermini 4.8 ($39,95) dual charger gives an even more powerful boost when you need it with its 4.8amp/5V power which Cygnett also claims can provide up to 40% faster charging time than standard 1amp chargers.

Finally, USB-C devices have not been forgotten with the Powermini 36W USB-C Car Charger ($39.95).

It features a single USB-C port to efficiently charge your latest digital device via Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging.

The USB-C Powermini can provide fast charging to iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPad Pro, (with USB-C to Lightning TM cable) and the Samsung S8/S8 Plus/Note 8 (with USB-C to C cable) and can even charge a MacBook 12”.

Cygnett claims the USB-C Powermini can provide up to 70% faster charging than a standard 5W car device (QC 3.0 devices) so you never have to worry about your device running out of juice while you’re on the road again.

Race wireless charger 3 1024x1024 2 In The Car with Cygnett

Phone Mounts

The Race is a super innovative phone mount that not only securely holds your device – no matter how bumpy the road – it also can automatically charge your device.

No more will your data usage drain your battery while using your phone for navigation again.

Ideal for taking handsfree calls and controlling your music while driving.

The Race fits a wide range of smartphones and offers QI wireless fast charging tech for Samsung devices at a 10W max output and applicable iPhone handsets (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max devices) at a 7.5W max output.

Cygnett has two versions of The Race on the market. You can choose between the windscreen mount or the vent mount version.

Both models offer the same security and adjustability and will only set you back $89.95 on Cygnett’s site or selected retailers.

FreePlay 4 1024x1024 In The Car with Cygnett


Cygnett offers a truly wireless solution to you connected whilst on the go with their FreePlay Bluetooth Earphones ($129.95), available in black or white.

With a 10m wireless range, you could leave your smartphone charging in your car with the Race while continuing a call or listening to music.

They offer three hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time, with an additional six hours play time from the included battery case.

Not only great for the car, but these FreePlay Bluetooth Earphones are also an exceptional choice for sports enthusiasts offering a secure fit with ultra-comfortable silicone tips.

ChargeUp Auto 12 000mAh 12V Jump Starter   Power Pack 1024x1024 In The Car with Cygnett

Jump Starters

Thinking of exploring off-road this summer? Are road trips on your horizon? Then it’s always good to have a backup in case your car battery runs out of juice when you’re in the middle of nowhere with zero signal.

The Charge Up Auto device comes in a handy, portable protective carry case which includes the Jump-Start device, clamps with solid copper jaws and Ultra Safe Relay, 12V Female Socket, Micro USB cable, Wall Charger and Device Car Charger.

Cygnett have you covered with their ChargeUp Auto Jump-Starters. Compact in size but packing power to give your car some boost when you need it most. They offer two versions the 12000mAh 12V designed to start vehicles up to 5.0L Petrol or 2.5L Diesel ($199.95), and the 7,500mAh designed to start vehicles up to 3.0L Petrol or 1.7L Diesel ($129.95).

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