Innovation & Display Driving TV sales Not 3D


Samsung Australia, who has more than 41% of the Australian TV market, is tonight set to deliver a brand new Smart TV platform they claim is “unequalled” anywhere in the world. They also claim that 3D has become a “mandatory” technology in TVs.

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Consumers, who invest in the new Samsung platform which is available on TVs up to 75″, will have access to 3D a new voice activated technology, along with the ability to click a picture on a Samsung Wi Fi enabled digital camera or smartphone and see the image it immediately on a TV screen.

The new TVs will also have a Samsung developed dual core processor which allows users to quickly access applications, emails, access the web, Facebook and Twitter using voice commands.

Philip Newton, the Director of Audio-Visual at Samsung Australia claims that what Samsung is delivering is “the next evolution in TV technology”.

The TVs which have a video camera built in also have face recognition technology which allows users to stand in front of the TV and, within seconds, their favourites are shown on the screen. It will also open up the right Skype account.

Newton said there are 4 key innovations being introduced to the Australian market by Samsung.

They are: 

-Improved picture quality (with the company set to launch new OLED TV technology in the second half of 2012)

-Smart Interaction via the introduction of voice and motion commands.

-New connectivity options that allow users to access the TV controls from a smartphone or tablet.



Samsung has also expanded their content offering with an unlimited movie content subscription option via Quickflix. Users will also get access to a new Telstra BigPond movie service. In July, the company will launch Foxtel on the new TVs with owners given free access to 8 Foxtel Olympic channels that will stream live content from the London Olympics.

Newton said “The introduction of new dual core processor technology with fast algorithms allows us to deliver a whole new level of functionality to a TV. We now have smart control, motion control and web browsing; services that are not found in current TV models.

“We have also future proofed the TVs with the introduction of an upgrade kit that allows a user for as low as $149 to upgrade their 2012 TV to a 2013 model when it becomes available. This allows users to keep all their current functions while getting upgrades to the next generation of TV technology” said Newton.

Newton cited an example of how consumers can use applications on the new TVs which are available in several sizes including 7 55″ models that range in price from $1,799 to $4,599.

He said that with one fitness application users can use motion control to line themselves up as if an on-screen instructor is initiating their moves.


He said currently 500,000 applications a month are being accessed on a Samsung Smart TV and that with the introduction of their new range this will grow significantly in coming months.

In a direct stab at LG who will tomorrow launch their new Cinema 3D offering, Newton said “consumers want innovation not a 3D TV. They don’t trust 3D and have already rejected it. 3D is not a new technology, what we are delivering is innovation and more of what consumers want; 3D is now a mandatory component in a TV and is just one of the many features that we deliver”.

Newton said that Samsung has 47% share of the 3D TV market and 50% share of the Smart TV market “which is more than double that of its nearest competitor”.

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