Intel has teamed up with ASUS and Razer at CES 2011 to release a new range of gaming products powered by the latest Intel processor technology, including newly-announced Sandy Bridge second generation Intel Core processors.
Specialist gaming product manufacturer, Razer, announced the first gaming netbook with its Switchblade Concept: a seven inch touchscreen computer with 45 OLED screen-fitted keys instead of a standard keyboard. Each key can be customised or otherwise intelligently customises itself on-the-fly to whatever game is being played, with individual commands, pictures and icons appearing on each key.

The gaming netbook was co-created by Intel and Razer, running on Intel’s Atom processor; a portable-specific processor for netbooks and smartphones.

Brad Graff, director of gaming platforms for Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group said: “The Intel Atom processor, combined with Razer’s expertise in bringing gaming solutions to market, will help make it possible for consumers to have a powerful gaming experience in mobile devices.”

The OLED keyboard system will be one of the first mainstream releases of its kind since Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus keyboard.

Intel is taking the gaming market head on this year as it looks to integrate the traditional graphics card into its new processors, eliminating the need for separate competitors’ products from companies like NVIDIA and ATI.


ASUS is capitalising on the most recent Intel releases by fully integrating ‘Sandy Bridge’ second generation Intel Core processor technology into its new range of gaming notebooks under its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand. These include the G53Sw and G73Sw models that ship with built-in 3D technology.

ASUS also announced the ROG Rampage III Gaming Edition Motherboard that features a dedicated LAN and audio card, the Thunderbolt, that improves sound quality while fighting lag over networked gaming.

Despite Intel’s push to eliminate graphics cards in favour of its latest technology, ASUS announced the HD 6870 Direct CU Graphics Card – an AMD GPU that has been optimised for DirectX 11 with ASUS-exclusive additives that gives longer life to the card while improving overclocked performance for keener gamers looking to push their PC.

ASUS also announced its latest gaming desktop at CES, the CG8350, that ships with Intel’s ‘Sandy Bridge’ Core i7-2600 processor with Turbo Boost 2.0 technology for optimum overclocking capability, an ASUS GTX 460 graphics card and USB 3.0 ports rather than the ubiquitous 2.0 standard.

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