Intel and Toray Ultrasuede today released a concept notebook computer that adds a smooth, soft textile covering to the computer’s conventional hard plastic.The end result is a stylish piece of computer hardware, the company said. Toray’s microfiber Ultrasuede will come in a variety of colors and textures.

The joint venture was the end result of a study that found that 73 percent of adult computer users want products that reflect their personal style, and 76 percent of that demographic admitted to checking out the styling of other people’s notebook computers, Intel said. Other survey results found 40 percent of computer users find their notebook’s appearance boring, and 60 percent would enjoy having the ability to customize their notebook.

“We believe the integration of Ultrasuede onto a laptop PC can help lead to a category shift that will add personal expression to the list of must have laptop PC features,” said Des McLaughlin, Toray’s sales and marketing director.

In the past Intel has worked with a variety of design companies to develop exotic looks for the notebook market. Generally, Intel presents its concepts to notebook vendors and allows them to decide if the idea is a fit for their products.

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