It was only a matter of time — games manufacturers are now making games specifically for Apple’s new iPhone handset, games which utilise the phone’s drag, drop and twist operation. The iPhone isn’t available in Australia yet.

German games-maker Ojom GmbH is the latest mobile games publisher to announce an offering — its mobile puzzler game, Maya, has been adapted for the iPhone, and its Deluxe version was released in conjunction with the iPhone’s Euro Launch via Jamster and Jamba, where it is currently exclusively available.

Maya can be played through the integrated Safari browser and is free for iPhone users.

Ojom says it has modified Maya Deluxe to utilise the iPhone’s touch-screen technology. Released earlier in the year as Maya – Temple of Secrets, this puzzle game was one of Ojom’s best selling games, says the company.

Ojom GmbH general manager, Thomas Brockhage, said: “This is a great opportunity for Ojom to show that we can adapt and innovate to suit new technologies. Maya was one of our most popular games and is perfect for the iPhone’s touch sensitive screen. We are proud to release our first game specifically adapted for the iPhone.”

Maya Deluxe is part of a series of puzzle-style games from Ojom and is now available to play online with the iPhone at www.jamba.de and www.jamster.co.uk

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