When Samsung launched their new Smart TV’s last night there was no mention of 3D technology, when prompted the Korean Company who has 41% of the total Australian TV market said that 3D was a “rejected technology”.

The comments were made 24 hours before LG is set to launch a new Cinema 3D Smart TV offering that is set to go head to head with Samsung’s Smart TV offering which they claim is built around the next evolution in technology and not 3D.

Philip Newton, the Director of Audio-Visual at Samsung Australia “consumers want innovation not a 3D TV. They don’t trust 3D and have already rejected it. 3D is not a new technology, what we are delivering is innovation and more of what consumers want; 3D is now a mandatory component in a TV and is just one of the many features that we deliver”.

However LG Electronics  disagree claiming that 3D and Smart TV’s are alive and well and kicking goals for arch rival LG according to former Samsung Marketing Director Lambro Skropidis who recently took on the role as General Manager of Marketing at LG.

“LG and our Cinema 3D technology has resulted in LG being the fastest growing brand in the Australian TV market, we have gone from 15% share to 22% share, no brand has performed this well over the past year” he said.

“3D is doing well and our sales results reflect this. We are now the second biggest TV brand in the 3D market in Australia. 3D is an enabling forward TV technology and we lead in this market” he said.

LG claim that they have a superior new Smart TV offering due in part to a new wafer thin design improved 3D, a stylish new TV stand and a revolutionary new voice active remote control.

In their new top end model LG has a dual core Intel processor that allows users to easily search the web via either typing in a command or using the brand new LG voice activated remote control which via a simple command searches the web for content and web sites.

Also included is Dragon speech recognition, an application that allows users to dictate to a TV making it ideal for emails or quick memos while sitting in front of a Smart TV.

Also on board are new applications including an expanded Telstra BigPond Movie service, Red Bull TV and Intel wireless Display which allows for fast connection between devices and the LG TV.

The new Voice activated remote allows users to navigate using voice, a wheel built into the remote, via gesture and by pointing at the TV.


Skropidis is predicting that that Smart 3D TV’s will make up a large share of the Australian TV market this year which in 2010 represented 100,000 units Vs 424,000 units in 2011 he claims that 3D technology has “improved out of sight” since being launched in 2010.

Quoting Val Morgan figures he said that at Australian Cinema’s 3D movies have witnessed growth of over 210% during 2012 and is predicting that close to 100 new 3D Blu ray movies will be launched this year.

LG who manufactures passive 3D TV technology Vs active shutter technology which is used by Samsung claim that they are now the #1 3D TV technology provider in Australia with LG grabbing 22% share Vs. Samsung’s 17% share.
Skropidis claims that LG has grown their overall share of the Australian 3D TV market by 33% during the past 12 months after LG launched a controversial TV campaign which resulted in Samsung taking them to the Federal Court claiming that the campaign was false and misleading.

After losing the first round Samsung has initiated a second round of legal action which is still being heard by the Federal Court.

According to LG 3D is an enabling technology that is fast getting traction in Australia due in part to the release of new 3D movies which were not around when the technology was first introduced into home TV’s two years ago.
Skropidis said that the technology now represents 63% of all value sales and that this could rise to 75% by the end of 2012.

“Right now everyone is talking doom and gloom in the TV category but the reality is that the total market has not changed. Consumers are buying cheaper models but overall the volume is the same. In the 3D category the market has grown by over 300%”.

“If we look at the 3D premium TV category models are selling at up to 3 times the price of what models without 3D are selling for which is why we are moving further into this category”.

Skropidis also claims that the industry is moving to use Passive 3D TV technology from LG Vs. active shutter technology 3D technology that is used by Samsung.

“Both Sony and Panasonic are now sourcing Passive 3D TV panels from LG. The future is LG’s Passive 3D technology not active shutter” he said.

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