Its longer, harder, and has new holes.
But is this really the iPhone 5?

Apple intelligence site 9 to 5 Mac has posted what it believes to be the the next iPhone and it looks pretty similar to the iPhone 4 but with a few subtle changes, adhering to the trend towards larger screens a la Samsung Galaxy’s.

This corroborates with recent theories on iPhone 5 that suggest it will sport a 4″ screen but will have a res of 1136 x 640 – although that’s less than rival Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 bright AMOLED 1280 x 720 display.

201205301029411c39a 600x300 Is THIS iPhone 5?
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Still, it marks a massive upgrade from the current iPhone 4S 960X 640 screen res.

And according to supply chain sources, it is the same width as the current 4 and 4S models at 2.31 inches.
Oh, and the back casing is made completely of metal.

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Apple engineers have also switched around a few connectors and has strategically placed the metal antenna at the back to create a unibody enclosure (to fit more goodies internally) and also allows for thinner and lighter devices, according to 9 to 5.

The ‘iPhone’ images also reveal a smaller (than 30-pin) dock connector and the headphone input is at the bottom corner of the new device – a change from the traditional top left.


The camera lens has also been shifted from the left of the earpiece to above it.

And there also is a mystery “new opening” between the camera lens and the flash, but the geeks at Mac intelligence are not sure what it is, although reckon it may be a second mic.

However, no word if next smartphone from Cupertino will be faster than its current iPhone 4S with new A5 chip. However, it is tipped to boast 4G LTE speeds, and hopefully it will work here in Oz, unlike iPad 3.

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