Its official: Samsung are going Mega.
Forget smartphones, the Galaxy maker has revealed 6.3″ and 5.8″ Mega phablets – a phone and tablet in one, first rumoured yesterday.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Mega device, overnight:

“The newest addition to the Galaxy family balances an optimal viewing experience on a 6.3-inch HD screen, yet is ultra-thin and portable enough to put into a pocket or hold in one hand. “

The GALAXY Mega offer a mix of the best of a smartphone and tablet: a split screen, multitasking between video, apps, email and more, Samsung said in a statement.

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6.3″ Galaxy Mega

The 6.3″ will be the latest variation of the phablet by Samsung, which started out as a 5.3″ Galaxy Note launched here last year, but  now clearly feels larger screens are where its at.

Samsung is also due to unveil its latest 5 inch Galaxy S 4 “smartphone dubbed “life companion” in Australia next week.

The Korean giant and worlds biggest phone maker has developed devices for all tastes and pockets – and Mega adds to its extremely popular Galaxy Note devices, which now go up to 8″ inch display size.

“We are aware of a great potential in the bigger screen for extensive viewing multimedia, web browsing, and more. We are excited to provide another choice to meet our consumers’ varying lifestyles, all while maintaining the high-quality features of the award-winning GALAXY series,” JK Shin, CEO of Samsung Mobile, said.

Specs wise, the  6.3″ and 5.8″ HD displays phablets look like a Galaxy S3 and run Android Jelly Bean 4.2.

2013041209524723692 480x300 Its MEGA! Galaxy Phab Tab (+ Phone)

The larger 6.3″ has a faster 1.7-GHz processor, full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4G, comes in 8GB/16GB models but has expandable memory to 64GB, and has dual cameras – 8Mp rear and 1.9Mp front.

The smaller 5.8″ Mega has a slightly less powerful 1.4 GHz processor, and not quite a HD screen but QHD (quarter HD – 960 x 540 res) and runs 3G, but has most of the specs as its bigger brother above.

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The Mega phablets also have new content features like S Travel, WatchON which turns the phab into a remote control and Link which streams photos and other content to a TV or other computer.

It will launch in Europe and Russia but no word if it will land Australia, yet, but we’re trying to get confirmation from Samsung.

2013 is set to be the year of the phablet with several makers going big on them including Asus (one of the first to into on in 2011), Huawei and is tipped to be the “uber cool” device of 2013, as consumers become more enamoured with larger mobile screens.

The 4 inch iPhone 4 now seems tiny by comparison.?

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