Jamm Audio has announced the launch of its flagship store, specialising in customised home audio speaker systems.

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The audio systems use 6.5- to 15-inch Speaker drivers in speaker cabinets that can be finished in pretty much any colour the customer desires, including metallics, car colours and glossy finishes.

Jamm uses drivers from the Audio Nirvana Range Full Range. The speaker cabinets are constructed from 24mm medium-density fibreboard along with either eichmann or WBT binding posts and Van den Hul internal speaker wire. 
The company can also construct home theatre speaker systems that can include 21-inch subwoofers, “if the client has the space and reinforced windows”. 
The  Interiors Range includes numerous choices of grill cloth using different textiles, such as Marrimeko, chilewich, funkis etc, and can come printed with photos of any subject on the grill covers. 
“We specialise in customised Home Audio Speaker systems for individuals that do not want to settle for just black or black whilst ensuring that the musicality of the drivers is superb,” says director Jamahl Wilson. “Our philosophy is to align Beauty and Performance, as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes have achieved. One should not exist without the other.”
Prices start from $2799 (Launch Special). For more information, visit jammaudio.com.au
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