When Hollywood’s elite wants to go to the movies at home, they get a Gold Pass ticket from JBL.

Actors, producers directors, stage hands know what they want
when it comes to the home cinema experience.


So they should. 
Making movies is their lucrative, full time job and one thing they
intimately understand is that a good movie is the artistic vehicle to an
emotional experience.


JBl understands. After all LA based JBL has been designing
and creating cinema sound equipment including speakers, equalisers, amplifiers
and cabling that’s state of the art for decade after decade.


Moreover JBL knows how to measure and calibrate its state of
the art equipment so its works a treat in any cinema, though they all differ in
size, style and interior layout.


Once the JBL team has done its work in a cinema, every one
of the audience hears an impeccable sound, no matter where they’re sitting.


Think about the enormity of this feat: sound effects,
dialogue, musical detail all arriving at each and every seat with the right
frequency, intensity duration and with full clarity.


JBL Synthesis has now been perfected for home cinemas. No
matter how lavish or humble the room, the system tailors the best sound for
every conceivable seating position.


JBL liker to think of its JBL Synthesis System as an artistic
and technical palette. Only JBL has a calibration palette and toolbox, along
with a vast array of audio-video equipment to turn any room into a Hollywood A
class cinema.


At the heart of JBL’s Synthesis is an integrated software
and hardware package that provides a previously unobtainable level of
calibration accuracy for any room. It’s called the ARCOS Adaptive Room
Correction and Optimization System, and it’s taken decades and millions of
dollars of JBL research to get it to fruition.


Arcos matches the performance of the speakers to your
room, and creates the time delay correction so the signals from all the
speakers arrive at the listener’s ears at the same time. No matter where
they’re sitting.


Minimizing seat-to-seat variation in the bass response
over a wide area, the patented Sound Field Management (SFM) processing offers
four independent subwoofer outputs that allow for a completely optimized
11.4-channel speaker configuration. That’s some achievement. But it’s what’s
required to get authentic home cinema sound in your chosen room.


There’s no one single JBL Synthesis System. It’s best
thought of as a process that can tailor the best sounding system for each
unique installation. The customers room design and requirements are handed to
JBL engineers who then specifically design a system based on the required
budget and performance.


But as an example, for rooms up to 30,000 cubic feet, the
JBL Synthesis? AtlasT system will surround you with 3D sound from three 3-way
speaker systems and six multiple in-wall ambient surround speakers, plus two
800-watt subwoofers. A leading edge digital equalizer and four power amps ensure
you get a blockbuster experience with very movie.


Alternatively The Synthesis One ArrayT works beautifully
in rooms up to 25,000 cubic feet using a bi-amplified speaker system producing
frequencies from 80Hz to 40kHz from the front left, center or right. Power is
provided by a state of the art but affordable electronics package.


For humbler installations JBL can offer the premium JBL
Synthesis? Four system. It’s an invisible completely flush-mounted system
delivering crystalline sound to every part of home theater rooms up to 7,500
cubic feet.

Synthesis Four uses patented vertical and horizontal
speakers, monitors and the super-slim THX? Ultra2T-Certified passive


It’s a complete package comprising AV cabling, room EQ and
system control via the combined power of the processor/controller and digital
equalizer. In full flight, Synthesis Four delivers impeccable calibration for
seamless matching of components throughout the entire acoustic space of the
room with spell binding levels of realism.


For more information:


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