The Nyxem worm, AKA Kama Sutra/Blackworm/W32.blackmail.e, has set 3 February 2006 as the date to wreak havoc on infected computers.

Dubbed Kama Sutra due to its method of luring people with pornography, Nyxem.E potentially copies itself to shared network locations, and sends itself to e-mail addresses found on the target computer.

It appears to have been created for the sole purpose of causing damage, which goes against the recent trend of hijacking computers for resources or financial gain. It destroys files by overwriting them. Nyxem.E arrives as an email attachment, with variously lewd subject lines including:
Fckin Kama Sutra pics
School girl fantasies gone bad
Arab sex DSC-00465.jpg
Hot Movie
Fw: Sexy
Miss Lebanon 2006
Re: Sex Video
Hot XXX Yahoo Groups
ready to be F

Some security experts have predicted up to 500 000 machines may already be infected without the user knowing.
The virus is reported to freeze a computer and on re-start attack anti-virus software.

BitDefender offers a free tool for detecting and cleansing the virus from systems. See www.bitdefender.com



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