Renowned speaker manufacturer, Klipsch, has produced a set of computer speakers, the GMX A-2.1 system.

The three-piece (two speakers plus subwoofer) multimedia system is claimed to product high-fidelity for uses without the space for a full multi-speaker setup. The speakers consist of a magnetically shielded three inch woofer and Klipsch’s  MicroTractrix horn based on a ball joint pedestal mount that allow the speakers to be aimed securely in almost any direction. The subwoofer is claimed to be driven by 75 watt amplifier.

A control pod with two stereo inputs – one dual RCA and one 3.5mm minijack – is provided. Klipsch quotes a 108 dB dynamic output and a 30-20 000 Hz +- 5 dB frequency response.

Not limited to computers, the GMX A-2.1 system provides ramps up any audio source, including iPods, PCs, CD, DVD and MP3 players, game consoles, laptops and television sets.

“With the coolest industrial design and the killer performance Klipsch is known for, ProMedia GMX A 2.1 is an ideal audio solution for today’s multimedia and gaming entertainment devices. It will change the way your life sounds,” says Klipsch.
Cost: $250

See www.klipsch.com

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