Klipsch has now unveiled a new pair of HMDI-toting speakers, titled ‘The Fives,’ that has its eyes set on replacing your TV speakers.

Speakers built into television sets are never the most impressive on the audio market, meaning an easy solution is purchasing a pair of active speakers with a HMDI or optical input. This is exactly what Klipsch has done with it’s the Fives.

After being spotted at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show, shortly following its debut at CES last month, The Fives are featured with HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, optical, 3.5mm and phono inputs – making them the perfect active stereo bookshelf speakers that can be connected to almost any source.

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 4.58.12 pm Klipsch Sets Sight On Replacing Soundbars With ‘The Fives’ Speakers

The Fives can be plugged into a TV, turntable, CD player and even a smartphone, for example.

A date of release onto the consumer market or pricing has not yet been made available. Consumers can sign up for notification when pre-orders are available through Klipsch’s official website.