US speaker titan, Klipsch is synonymous with its horn-loaded speakers. So much so, horn speakers and Klipsch are as globally iconic as coke and Coca Cola or Rolex and watches.

Latterly Klipsch is much more than the aforementioned
speakers. It’s also about music on the move.


That’s why it has unveiled three slink wireless portable
models called the KMC 1 and KMC 3 Wireless Music Systems and the refreshingly
styled and wonderfully tagged GiG Portable Music System.


At the heart of this trio is great sound, to be sure given Klipsch’s
expertise in speaker design, but there’s also Bluetooth wireless technology.


Why so? Imagine being able to take one of these portables to
any part of your home and then streaming music stored on your smartphone or
tablet, without an interconnecting cable.


That’s the idea of Klipsch’s portable wireless products. The
three new models are the first fruition of the collaboration between Klipsch
and Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company.


The partnership has engendered a new line of modern wireless
music systems named after the Klipsch Music Center, which is by the way, one of
the five most ticketed live music venues in the world.


The $329 KMC 1 Klipsch Music Center might be compact, but that’s
to allow you to take it just about wherever you want.


But don’t let the compactness fool you, because to our ears
it sounds engaging and huge.


That large sound is created by the KMC 1’s dual 2.5-inch
full range drivers backed by dual 3-inch passive radiators. The four speakers
are driven by amplification that generates 40 peak watts of power.


And speaking of portability, you don’t need a power point
for this AC/DC model. Not when there’s an onboard rechargeable Lithium-ion
battery with what Klipsch says is good for 16 hours of music. Depends on how
loud you play your new KMC 1, we guess.


The KMC 1 will also charge any smartphone and tablet via its
USB input as long as you bring your own cable. It will also play with any
Bluetooth music source using its 3.5mm input.


The new Klipsch is also smart and will remember the latest
connected Bluetooth device and automatically reconnect to it. Up to eight
different Bluetooth devices can be stored in its memory, which is grand given
the number of phones and tablets in the average household.


The KMC 1 comes in a huge range of colours. – Mention which



Think of all the natty features found on the KMC 1 and now
bundle them into a larger unit, add a built-in sub-woofer and you have the
hefty sounding KMC 3 Klipsch Wireless Music System.


The KMC 3 has Bluetooth streaming using AptX technology.
Like the smaller KMC 1 it also has a 3.5mm input connection and AC/DC
capability. But being larger and more powerful, the KMC 3 runs on 8 ”D” sized
batteries which you’ll have to provide for your next party bash.


Speaking of a powerful sound, that’s done using dual full
range drivers working with a 5.25-inch subwoofer and 130 watts of digital


Internally DSP equalization handles all genres of music. The
KMC 3 comes with a remote and in a full range of colours. Price is $499.


You’ve got to love the styling and the sound of the GiG
Portable Wireless Music System. I know we did.


The GiG is a truly ultra portable, mighty music machine that
we slipped into our pocket and shoulder man bag on a recent flight.


With or without headphones the GiG had a wonderfully
entertaining sound quality.


We wondered how Klipsch could cram in dual 1-inch full range
drivers and balanced, dual 2-incvh passive radiators. But when we heard its
fulsome, smooth sound we’re glad Klipsch found a way.


Streaming from our Sony Xperia3 was a doddle thanks to the
Gig’s easy to use Bluetooth TH/AptX 
feature. And you might want to wave your NFC equipped music source over


Why?  For instant
device pairing of course. Then you can use Gig’s speakerphone for phone calls
with clarity.


Powering the GiG in all environments is no problem. You can
plug it into a power point on your travels because Klipsch includes
international power adapters. And yes, the $229 GiG can be powered via its
rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.


For the fashionista, GiG has a removable wrap-around band
that can be changed as often as your socks.



For more information: www.klipsch.com.au. 

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