It been a week of casualties in media industry, as Seven stalwart David Leckie has gone from the top job.

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The legendary Leckie has announced his “transition” as Seven West Media CEO, to the role of Executive Director, Media for Seven Group.

Leckie said: ” It’s been a great honour to lead Seven. We’ve had fun, kicked some goals and together built a very good media business.

“But it’s time for me to take a career step and I’m looking forward to playing a key role and further enhancing the company’s media presence.”

Don Voelte, currently a company director. is taking over the top job as CEO and Managing Director of Seven West Media,

Mr Voelte said: “Our objectives are clear: leadership in a sector undergoing radical change, develop our managementteams, improve our financial performance without impacting the product for our readers, viewers andadvertisers, and create opportunities to expand our presence in media.

Mr Leckie was seen as the driving force of the success of Seven network, propelling it to the massive ratings success it currently enjoys over free-to-air rivals Nine and Ten.

He will continue to be involved in Seven’s television business in an advisory and counsel role working closely with Mr Voelte and CEO of Seven Network, TimWorner.

Chairman of Seven West Media, Mr Kerry Stokes, paid tribute to Mr Leckie calling him “the best television executive in Australia, leading two networks to leadership over the past two decades.”

“He commands the respect of the people here at Seven West Media and across the entire industry.”

“David has been fundamental to our success and we are looking forward to him continuing to play akey role in our company as a director on the board of Seven Group Holdings with a particular focus onthat company’s media investments.

“On a personal note, I enjoy David’s company and value hiscontribution to our success highly.”


Stokes also praised incumbent Voelte as” internationally recognised as one of the world’s best executives…..acknowledged for driving businesses in challenging and competitive markets.”

Seven Media  restructured management team now look like this:: Tim Worner, CEO Television, Nick Chan, CEO Pacific Magazines, RohanLund, CEO Yahoo!7, Chris Wharton, CEO Seven West Media (Western Australia) and Kurt Burnette,Chief Sales and Digital Officer.

Seven Directors also reaffirmed earnings estimates in line with previous guidance of $460m to $470m, subject to any year-end review and audit adjustment. 

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